Ends on December 15, 2018

Poems should not exceed 20 lines or 75 words. Please do not include any contact information, including your name, in the manuscript. Also, please do not include your name in the title.

  •  If poems are broken into traditional lines, skinny poems are preferred. Skinny refers to the way it looks on the page, as well as a weightlessness.

  •  The poem should have a swift, sudden feel; therefore, lean language is imperative. Keywords are brevity, intensity, and precision. A good condensed poem should be memorable for its reading duration and its longer impression.

  • As part of the cover letter please, include a brief bio. Please do not include any identifying information on the submission itself. Also, please do not make the cover letter part of the uploaded poem.

  •  Please no more than the submission of a SINGLE POEM per submission. Please feel free to submit again after receiving a response.

  •  Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, but please let us know if the submission has been accepted elsewhere. Failure to do will result in some facsimile of your face being put on the Matter dart board. And no one wants that.

  •  Please format prose to be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, in a Microsoft Word document. Poetry can be single-spaced.

  • We do NOT read submissions that do not meet the guidelines. We will decline it unread and ask that you submit next reading period.