We are currently looking for visual arts projects that incorporate the idea of compressed text into the work. We are especially interested in a series of visual arts pieces that can be published once a week over a period of a month or several months. We pay in the range of $50 - $100 for the rights to publish such a series. We might also be interested in purchasing the pieces outright. Please let us know in a cover letter if the pieces are available for purchase and the asking price. Please submit the visual arts series/project as a single PDF document or ZIP file. If your project is chosen for publication, we will be requesting the individual files (.jpg or .tiff).

If you've been published by The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, please wait a year before submitting again. Thanks.

  1. Please include as part of cover letter the reason why you feel this visual arts submission works well for a journal interested in compression. Please include a brief bio, also.
  2.  Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, but please let us know if the submission has been accepted elsewhere. Failure to do will result in some facsimile of your face being put on the Matter dart board. And no one wants that.