Ends on December 15, 2018

First, it might make sense to check out our example triptychs:


Ghost Town  
So, we are looking for something similar. A three-columned submission, with the piece itself in the center column. We prefer the surrounding columns to be used in a way similar to the examples, kind of like the pop-ups in music videos. However, you can use them for anything you would like, but we would like there to be a singular creative piece and for that to be placed in the center column. That creative piece should be a one paragraph creative nonfiction or fiction piece (neither the fiction or cnf piece should be, by itself, longer than 300 words) or a single stanza poem (not to exceed 10 lines or 75 words).

Please format the submission as a 3-column Microsoft Word document. It will be translated into a PDF and then into a JPG—and it will appear as a smaller image that can be clicked on to get the full sized triptych. As with our other submissions, we will pay $50 for an accepted triptych. Please no more than one submission of a single piece per submission. Please feel free to submit again after receiving a response.