Lee Rourke writes in A BRIEF HISTORY OF FABLES: FROM AESOP TO FLASH FICTION, "One only has to visit sites such as flashfiction.net and smokelong.com or journals such as Matter: The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts to get a real sense of some of the most electrifying and ground-breaking flash fiction published today; displaying work from authors all around the world who manage to compress the weird, the fabulous and the truly astonishing into their fictions."

FlashFiction.Net is a well-known blog also managed by Matter Press's founder Randall Brown. FlashFiction.Net is looking to republish flash fiction that originally appeared in print or in now-unavailable online journals. Please include in the cover letter where the flash originally appeared and the date it appeared. We consider flash fiction to be under 1000 words, although shorter pieces tend to work best for the blog. Please submit only one piece every three months. 

Along with your flash may appear some comments from Randall Brown. Such commentary perhaps helps these flash pieces make their way into the curriculum of flash fiction courses. Perhaps not.

Although FlashFiction.Net cannot currently offer compensation for the flash, the blog can help you with the following:

  1. Getting your name out in the world as a flash fiction writer!
  2. Promoting a website, blog, or current book project.
  3. Getting your work into classrooms.
  4. Giving your work a permanent, online presence.